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Our Focus

  • Is on providing athletes the knowledge and tools to navigate the recruitment process of becoming a student athlete at a college/university level.

  • Combining knowledge and personal experience, beNOTICED focus on providing the student-athlete and their parents a comprehensive, supportive and effective steps in the recruitment process.

Our belief

  • Is that in order to become a student athlete, athlete’s and their family's need to know and understand the realistic picture of what being a student athlete looks like.

  • Our belief is that given the proper knowledge, tools and guidance that the beNOTICED advisory program provides, athletes and their family’s will experience  the process of recruitment confidently.  

Our Approach

  • Consists of a 3-Step Modular Program that is based on a step by step approach that examines and address’s the various stages and topics that are crucial to the recruitment process. 

  • beNOTICED also provides a special feature in the program known as College Fit Finder to support players with critical information and technology pertaining to the recruitment process.

Our Promise

  • Educate you on the step by step recruitment process.

  • Provide insight on the different stages of the recruitment process, what to expect and what you should do.

  • Give you the proper tools so that you can feel confident throughout the recruitment process.

Delio Testimonial

Marc Delio, Parent

The beNOTICED Program is exactly what we used to help my son get into the college of his choice as well as helping him to play college soccer. 

A focused Division 1 soccer player

Spenser Myers, Division I Player

The beNOTICED Program gave me the tools I needed to find not only a University, but the right fit for me.

Coach Testimonial

David Teorsky, Coach

There is much more to the college recruiting process than we initially realized. The beNOTICED College Advisory Program was very helpful to our team!

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