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What We Do

Every year, thousands of student-athletes and their families come face-to-face with the difficult challenge of athletic recruiting. What they often discover is that navigating college options is stressful enough and adding college sports into the mix brings it to a whole new level.

Even for those who do a little recruiting homework, are often left with more questions, very few simple answers, and an uneasy feeling they are somehow falling behind.

At beNOTICED SPORTS, we understand what families and prospective student-athletes are going through. We have experienced firsthand what the college recruiting experience is like—as a player and as a coach. And that experience, combined with Sports Recruit's advanced online technology, expansive college coach network, and proven recruiting methods, helps student-athletes and their families take control of their recruiting experience.

Whether you are in Grade 9 in high school or a late-blooming Grade 12, beNOTICED SPORTS helps take the stress of uncertainty out of your recruiting journey by putting a plan in place to help you find your best university/college options.


The beNOTICED SPORTS program has complimented what I already knew for the progress to get in contact with coaches. It is a great reminder of motivation and hard work that is put into this long process. 

— Emily Mijares, Division II Player


beNOTICED SPORTS was a great advisor to me. With their help, I was able to have direct contact with numerous college coaches who had interest in me.

— Keanu Samuels, Division II Player

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