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Bringing Education, Marketing and Technology, to Recruiting

In 2012, beNOTICED SPORTS started by providing education and guidance in the college soccer recruiting process to prospective student-athletes, teams, and clubs. beNOTICED SPORTS then strategically partnered with Sports Recruit to provide technology and data to help prospective student-athletes determine their best college options.

Combining knowledge and personal experience, beNOTICED SPORTS provides the prospective student-athlete and their parents with comprehensive, supportive, and effective guidance to navigate the recruitment process.

At beNOTICED SPORTS, we work hand-in-hand to guide prospective students’ athletes and families through the college recruiting process. While we provide assistance and guidance to PSA’s and families, the beNOTICED SPORTS platform enables student-athletes to find and connect with college sports programs at any time

Being part of the beNOTICED SPORTS program truly helped me gain an advantage over other student athletes in the transfer portal due to the tremendous resources that were accessible to me, as well as the tools that assisted me in making the move to the outstanding Division 1 program that I am at today. The team at beNOTICED SPORTS always took the time to connect and work with me to find my best college fit. You cannot find another organization in this industry that will also go out of their way to connect with you on a personal level as well; that is what separates this organization from anything else. I am truly grateful for every part of this journey, as I could not ask for anything better.

Nikolas Zagar, NCAA Division I Goalkeeper

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