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 SportsRecruits: Helping Student-Athletes Get Recruited

Affiliate Partner

Our affiliate partner, Sports Recruit is an elite group that represent best-in-class products and services; qualities that have been proven time and again to exceed client expectations. 

College Fit Finder Director of Partnerships Geoff Raives had this to say about the partnership.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with beNOTICED. We are taking a huge step with this partnership to have the educational support for Canadian players who want to play in Canada or travel to the US.  This will also provide value to any current or future clients from the US who are either dual citizens or interested in playing and studying in Canada for college."

Some Of Our Partner Clubs

Since the beginning, our focus which continues today is to provide the tools and resources to help our partner clubs and their players.

We are extremely grateful to have world-class partners that share those same values as we work together to put prospective student-athletes on a path to college soccer.

Here are some of the valuable soccer organizations we have partnered with:

GGI is a soccer goalkeeping player and coach platform
Northern Steel Soccer Club
Richmond Hill Soccer Club
Brampton Soccer Club
Canada Soccer Logo
lJuventus Academy Toronto
Vaughan Soccer Club
International FC
Two Six GK One
SSE 90
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