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3 Ways to Take College Campus Tours without Traveling

Written by: beNOTICED

College visits can get expensive. Sure, if you’re a prospective student-athlete (PSA) fortunate enough to get invited on an official visit, the college can potentially pay for visit. But unofficial visits can have significant expenses. But what if there was a way to take college campus tours of colleges of your interest without paying a single dollar? That’s essentially what virtual college tours can offer.

While we recommend that PSA’s should not make your college decision exclusively on taking a virtual tour, it can be a helpful tool for figuring out whether you find a campus appealing. In addition, virtual tours can cut back on your travel costs by eliminating some less-appealing schools on your list and hopefully give you a better idea of college fit. Of course, there are obviously other, particularly important factors to consider, like academics and cost. Use these virtual college campus tour options to help you make an informed decision whether you are exploring the Canadian path or U.S. path and /or both.

1. College Websites

Some colleges take part in a virtual tour platform, but there are quite a few colleges that put together their own tour experiences and make them available through their websites. Keep an eye out on college websites to see their virtual tours.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps offers a handy tool that can let users check out almost any campus they would like. In addition to virtually cruising around campus, users can use Street View to check out the areas around campus from the comfort of their computer or smartphone. You’ll also often spot little Street View bubbles around the campus in Google Maps, which offer 360-degree views from off-street locations.

3. YouTube

Most college these days have robust YouTube channels, with lots of useful content that can answer many of your questions. YouTube also happens to be the obvious choice for finding helpful videos that showcase different campuses. You can even dig around YouTube a bit to find multi-campus tour videos.

Nothing can replace actually visiting a college and experiencing firsthand how you feel on campus, but a virtual tour can at least help you cross some “on the fence” schools off your list. Give it a try, and don’t forget to check out beNOTICED for more tips on finding the right school.

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